Micron Spherical Silica Gel Powder for Cosmetics Additive and Column Chromatography
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Product Detail
Special Silica Gel _ Column Chromatography Silica Gel

Column Chromatography Silica Gel:


Column chromatography silica gel is a strong polar solid adsorbent with hydrogen bonding, appearing as white spherical or irregular powder particles. The main component is SiO2·nH2O, which is non-toxic and odorless. Its chemical properties are stable, and it doesn't react with any other substances except strong bases and hydrofluoric acid. It is insoluble in water and organic solvents.

Column chromatography silica gel is a porous material, and its surface is covered with silicon hydroxyl groups. Different components in the mixed system are adsorbed by active site silicon hydroxyl groups in its pores. On these active site silicon hydroxyl groups, solvent molecules and solute molecules, solute molecules and solute molecules in the mixed system compete with each other for adsorption, resulting in the difference of residence time of different components in the column, so as to achieve the purpose of separation and purification.

The raw material of Yiming column chromatography silica gel is specially customized and produced based on the structural characteristics of column chromatography silica gel, with specific pore size distribution and surface hydroxyl distribution. At the same time, it has the characteristics of high purity and low impurity content, low dissolution of trace and trace impurities, and no pollution to the separated substances. In the production process, the push screen which conforms to the human bionics principle is used to screen out products with uniform particle size distribution, high theoretical plate number, high column efficiency, large peak capacity and high resolution. When in use, the flow rate of both atmospheric and pressurized columns is stable.


This product is mainly used for refining petroleum products to remove aromatic substances, and for selective adsorption and separation of substances with different polarities; Used as a catalyst carrier and chromatographic support; It can also be used for the separation and purification of effective ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine.

Technical Specifications:



Ordinery Type
Optimized Type
CL    w/%    ≤--------
Fe      w/%   ≤--------
PH(100g/L water supension)6.0-8.06.0-8.06.0-8.06.0-8.06.0-7.06.0-7.06.0-7.06.0-7.0
Pb   mg/kg   ≤--------3333
As   mg/kg   ≤--------3333
Heavy metal(Pb) mg/kg   ≤--------30303030
Pore diameter    A20-3550-8080-120>12020-3550-8080-120>120
Pore   volume   mL/g0.35-0.450.5-0.750.8-1.1>1.10.35-0.450.5-0.750.8-1.1>1.1
Specific surface area   m²/g≥600450-600320-450<350≥600450-600320-450<350
150℃ dry weight loss   w/% ≤55553333

Qualified size w/%   ≥

Granularity   μm


It can also be processed according to the particle size of the agreement.


Packed in two-layer plastic bags with cartons outside. Specs is 1kg, 5kg, 20kg/carton or as per required.