Micron Spherical Silica Gel Powder for Cosmetics Additive and Column Chromatography
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Uses of micron-sized spherical silica gel

1. Industrial applications

Gas drying and purification agent: In the preparation process of industrial gases such as oxygen, hydrogen, and chlorine, micron-

sized spherical silica gel is used as a dehydration and purification agent.

Refining and separation of petrochemical products: Silica gel balls play an important role in the refining and separation process of organic products such as petrochemicals.

Drying and moisture-proofing: Used as a moisture-proof agent in the storage and storage of industrial equipment, instruments, precision instruments, medicines, food, textiles and other items.

Catalyst carrier: In the production of important industrial products such as melamine, phthalic anhydride, maleic anhydride, butadiene rubber, and acrylonitrile, silica gel balls are used as catalysts and catalyst carriers.

2. Chromatographic separation

Porous silica microspheres have a high specific surface area and an ordered and adjustable pore structure, which makes it have excellent performance in the field of chromatographic separation and is often used in adsorption, catalysis, sensing and drug release.

3. Other applications

Air purification: Silica gel balls can be used as air purifiers to remove moisture from the air to control air humidity.

Marine transportation: It is also widely used in marine transportation.

4. Special industry applications

Medical field: Silicone balls can be made into various medical devices, such as catheters, pipes, etc., because of their softness, they can effectively reduce the pain of patients and improve the comfort of medical devices.

Consumer goods field: Silicone balls can be made into various toys, figurines, etc., and are favored by consumers because of their safety and non-toxic properties. In addition, silicone balls can also be used as fillers for products such as clothing, tablecloths, and potted plants.

It should be noted that the elasticity and softness of silicone balls are related to their water content, so over-drying should be avoided during use. At the same time, due to its stable chemical properties and non-combustibility, safety should also be paid attention to during use and storage.