Micron Spherical Silica Gel Powder for Cosmetics Additive and Column Chromatography
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Basic information of column chromatography silica gel

Column chromatography silica gel is a separation and purification technology based on the principle of chemical adsorption and molecular sieve separation, which is widely used in chemistry, biology, pharmaceuticals and other fields.

The following is a detailed introduction to column chromatography silica gel:

1. Basic characteristics

Raw materials and ingredients: Column chromatography silica gel is made of high-quality silica gel as raw material, and its main component is silicon dioxide.

Physical form: It is white uniform particles with high purity, safety and hygiene.

Structural characteristics: Column chromatography silica gel has a colloidal system with solid characteristics, which is composed of colloidal particles forming a coagulated structure.

Colloidal particles are condensation products of hydrated silica gel (polysilicic acid) and are amorphous substances. The gaps between the aggregates of colloidal particles form the microporous structure inside the reagent column chromatography silica gel particles, so it has rich microporous structure and high specific surface area.

2. Main performance

Adsorption characteristics: The main performance characteristics of column chromatography silica gel are its adsorption characteristics, which depend on the microporous structure and inner pore surface formed during the production process of raw silica gel. Column chromatography silica gel achieves the purpose of separation and purification by the difference in adsorption retention time of different components in the mixed substance.

Mechanical strength: In the process of raw material production, the acid bubbling and aging time are strictly controlled, and high-temperature calcination technology is adopted to make the silica gel powder have a rigid skeleton structure, high mechanical strength, and can withstand pressure within 30MPa.

Stability: Column chromatography silica gel has good thermal stability and chemical stability, and can selectively adsorb and purify isomer components from multi-component solutions.

3. Uses

Separation and purification: Column chromatography silica gel is mainly used for the separation and purification of effective ingredients of Chinese herbal medicines, preparation of high-purity substances, refining of petroleum products, and dehydration and refining of organic substances.

Preparation process: In the process of preparing column chromatography silica gel, a series of products with an average pore size of 20A°-20000A° can be produced by controlling different process conditions to adapt to the separation and purification of substances with different properties, molecular weights and molecular structures.

4.Technical parameters

Column chromatography silica gel can be divided into fine pores (type A silica gel), medium pores (type B silica gel) and large pores (type C silica gel) according to the pore size.

These different types of silica gel are suitable for the separation and purification of substances of different properties.

5. Preparation method

The preparation method of column chromatography silica gel usually involves acid treatment, aging, washing, drying and other steps of silica gel to remove impurities and adjust its properties.

In short, column chromatography silica gel is an efficient and widely used separation and purification technology. Its unique adsorption characteristics and stability make it an indispensable tool in the fields of chemistry, biology, and pharmaceuticals.