Micron Spherical Silica Gel Powder for Cosmetics Additive and Column Chromatography
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Type A silicone properties

Type A silica gel is also called fine-pore silica gel. Its appearance is milky white translucent spherical glass body. It is odorless and non-toxic. It can be disposed of like sand after use and does not cause any pollution to the environment. It is the only one widely adopted and recognized in the world today. moisture-proof preparations.


1.1 Gas drying and purifying agent, used for dehydration and purification in the preparation process of industrial gas oxygen, hydrogen, chlorine, and other gases.

1.2 Refining and separation of petrochemical and other organic products.

1.3 It is used as a moisture-proof agent in the storage and storage of industrial equipment, instruments, precision instruments, ginseng medicine, food, fur wool, gold and silver jewelry, archives, calligraphy and painting and other items.

1.4 In addition to using general desiccants, it is also used for gas purification and removal of acetylene in liquid oxygen in iron and steel smelting oxygen production equipment, and as a desiccant for instrument gas sources in industrial automation control.


Mainly used for drying and moisture-proofing. It can also be used as catalyst carrier, adsorbent, separation agent, and pressure swing adsorption. It is used in petrochemical industry, weapons and ammunition, instrumentation, electronic components, electrical equipment, mechanical spare parts, household appliances, food and medicine. , leather products, clothing, shoes and hats, textiles and other various packaging materials, used as air purifier to remove moisture in the air to control air humidity. It is also widely used in ocean transportation.