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Can silica gel desiccant be reused?

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Desiccants are still common in our daily life. No matter what products, especially bag packaged products, have desiccants, which are used to protect their products from moisture. Can desiccants be used repeatedly? You can go to the chemical supplies store and buy some colored silica gel desiccant as the indicator. The blue color indicates that it can be dried, and the pink color indicates that it is full of water and cannot be dried any more.

If you use silica gel desiccant, it can be reused. After full absorption of water, it can be put into the drying oven for flooding for a period of time and then taken out for further use. Silica gel can be reused. It is white transparent particles. It is non-toxic and tasteless. It can be used again after being exposed to the sun. The theory is to use an oven. However, using an oven will burn the outer package

The appearance of silica gel desiccant is colorless, transparent and small particles, which will crack when thrown into the water. It can absorb water in the environment by its porous structure, and can be used again after drying.

The desiccant has a shelf life of about one or two years before the opening of food and drugs, but once it is opened, it will continuously absorb water after contacting the outside air, with a maximum life of one or two months. If it has been in a very humid environment for a long time, after absorbing a large amount of water, it can be put into the camera and jewelry box for secondary use, which may be counterproductive, damaging valuables, and the desiccant can be reused, However, it must be baked by professional equipment, but the cost is high and it is not cost-effective. Once the food and medicine are opened, it is better to discard the desiccant in it immediately. First, because its life is over, and second, because many desiccants are irritating, families with children should prevent children from eating them by mistake.

The desiccant can be used repeatedly, but the type of desiccant also depends on its repeated use. The silica gel desiccant mentioned above can be used repeatedly.

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