Micron Spherical Silica Gel Powder for Cosmetics Additive and Column Chromatography
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Separation principle of silica gel by column chromatography

Separation principle of silica gel by column chromatography

1Performance and application of column chromatography silica gel:

Column chromatography silica gel is made from high quality silica gel with stable pore structure through fine processing. Due to the difference in adsorption and retention time for different components, various materials can be separated and purified.

It is mainly used for the selective adsorption and separation of aromatic substances and other organic gases and liquids in the refining of petroleum products, as catalyst carrier in chemistry, as chromatographic support raw materials in biomedicine, or for the separation and purification of active ingredients in APIs, intermediates, and Chinese herbal medicines, as well as the preparation of high-purity substances, as well as liquid crystal display materials.

2Separation principle of column chromatography silica gel:

Separation, purification, dehydration and refining mechanism of column chromatography silica gel: the microstructure of column chromatography silica gel is not very different from that of general silica gel. SiO2, which forms the colloidal skeleton, is combined as silicon oxygen tetrahedron, and the force field between atoms is balanced. Silica gel has a very high specific surface area. The surface structure of the internal pores of silica gel particles is different from the internal looseness of the formed skeleton. The silicon atoms on the surface and the structural water contained in the colloid form the silanol group. That is, the imbalance of this structure causes the surface of silica gel to generate a free force field, which means that it has the ability to adsorb water molecules or other polar molecules. The adsorbed substances are different due to the molecular polarity, The adsorption force on the surface of colloidal particles varies in different degrees. For some reasons in this regard, silica gel has selectivity for adsorbing different mixtures of substances.

When the material component with strong molecular polarity passes through the surface of silica gel, the adsorption force with silica gel is also strong, and the material component has a long retention time on the surface of silica gel; On the contrary, the retention time of components with weak molecular polarity is relatively short. Therefore, the mixture of different substances is separated due to the difference of retention time during the process of passing through silica gel. For substances with strong molecular polarity, silica gel column chromatography has strong adsorption capacity, such as water molecules. In this case, only when the adsorbed material molecules obtain enough energy (such as heat energy) can they overcome the potential barrier of the gravitational field generated on the silica gel surface and leave the silica gel surface. In this way, under general conditions, when the mixture containing extremely strong substance components passes through the silica gel column chromatography, the strongly polar substance components in it are retained in the silica gel crevice, thus showing the ability of silica gel to dehydrate and refine or to extract substances.

3Advantages of column chromatography silica gel in bioengineering:

Column chromatography silica gel is processed from high-quality silica gel. Its main feature is that

The difference of adsorption and retention time of different components can achieve the purpose of separation and purification. Column chromatography silica gel can be used in many fields, especially in bioengineering.