Micron Spherical Silica Gel Powder for Cosmetics Additive and Column Chromatography
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What is Water resistant silica gel

What is Water resistant silica gel

Water resistant silica gel is white or gray microporous spherical particles. In addition to the high microporous structure of ordinary industrial silica gel, it is also insoluble in water and inorganic acid, soluble in hydrofluoric acid and concentrated caustic soda solution, and has high mechanical strength. The product is a heterogeneous shaped silica gel made from general silica gel through further processing.

Product characteristics

Adsorption performance, good water resistance, no cracking in water.


1. This product is mainly used for the drying and purification of compressed air and the air separation industry as an adsorbent for acetylene and carbon dioxide; Industrial catalyst carrier; Industria gas drying, water purification, etc. Desiccant for various gases, pre stage buffer desiccant for molecular sieve and silica gel protective bed, catalyst carrier and ionic adsorbent.

2. Air drying, acetylene adsorption during the preparation of liquid air and liquid oxygen.

3. It is used as liquid adsorbent and catalyst carrier in petrochemical, electric power, brewing and other industries, and as water purification in water treatment.