Micron Spherical Silica Gel Powder for Cosmetics Additive and Column Chromatography
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What is Thin layer chromatography silica gel plate

Thin layer preparative plate is made of thin layer chromatography silica gel, fully mixed with appropriate adhesive, uniformly coated on clean glass plate with imported coating machine after degassing treatment, dried in the air, placed in a constant temperature blast drying oven and activated at 105 ℃ for half an hour. The board surface shall be smooth and clean, and the thin layer shall be even and firm, without cracks, bubbles, powder falling, etc.

Characteristics and preparation of thin layer preparation plate:

Thin layer preparation board is made of high-purity thin layer chromatography silica gel mixed with a certain amount of binder, and the board surface is pure white, smooth, uniform and fine.

The thin layer preparative plate is characterized by high sensitivity, clear spots, non diffusion, good separation effect and short time. It is precisely because of these characteristics that it can be widely used in the market.

When preparing the thin layer preparation plate, pay attention to the downward flow speed of the liquid. During the operation, the liquid shall be evenly spread on the glass slide, and then a spoon shall be poured into the middle of the glass slide to make it slowly cover the whole plate surface. After that, the liquid shall be gently pressed by hand for several times, and no bubbles shall be allowed.

At present, thin layer preparative plate has been widely used in the identification of ingredients and trace impurities in medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, organic chemical products, food.

The thin layer preparation board can be made by the following methods:

It is recommended to use GF254 silica gel powder, and draw lines and scrapers directly under the UV lamp after running. This can save one step of color development, and the shape of the spots obtained is clear at a glance, so that the scrapers will not lose samples because the lines run irregularly. The practice of thin layer chromatography silica gel plate is basically the same as that of the analysis plate, but the strength of the plate will decrease due to the increase in thickness. Use cmc na as the adhesive. The specific method is to add 4~10gcmc na to every 1000ml of water, heat and stir for about 30 minutes until * dissolved, cool down, and prepare according to the ratio of silica gel: solution (1:2.5). Because silica gel is acidic, it is easy to form consistent saturation of silanol group, which makes the separation effect of silica gel plate low.