Micron Spherical Silica Gel Powder for Cosmetics Additive and Column Chromatography
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Applicable scenarios of silica gel desiccant

Due to its unique chemical stability, silica gel does not react with any substance except strong base and acid, and its safety makes it widely used. The most suitable hygroscopic environment for silica gel desiccant is room temperature (20~32 ℃) and high temperature (60~90 ℃). It can reduce the relative humidity of the environment to about 30%. It can almost be said that silica gel desiccant can be used for all kinds of moisture-proof.

The details are as follows

1. Silica gel desiccant can be used for moisture-proof of bottled medicine and food. Ensure the drying of the contents and prevent the growth of various miscellaneous molds.

2. Silica gel desiccant can be used as general packaging desiccant. Such as bags, clothing, shoes and hats, leather, etc., to prevent the goods from being affected by moisture during storage or transportation and affecting the product quality.

3. Silica gel desiccant can be conveniently placed in electronic products, instruments, household appliances, mechanical equipment and other products to prevent the product quality from being affected by moisture.

4. Silica gel desiccant can be placed in the transport container to prevent container rain.